The Complete GPS Tracking Solution

Anything that moves… can be tracked.


Providing GPS tracking and asset management to help thousands of customers save time and money by keeping track of their assets, LIVE. Our mobile/web based application gives you real time access to track your vehicles and stay in full control of your asset, Anywhere, Anyday, Anytime

Everything that moves




Virtual fences that alert you when assets enter, exit or are in proximity. We love unlimited, so create as many geofences as needed. Customizable to any size, shape or time of day. Pair with reports for insightful display of your fleet.
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Live Traffic Conditions
Keep your fleet on time with live integrated traffic. Avoiding costly slow downs due to backups and stand stills. Time is money, need we say more?
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Activity Playback
Playback the activity for any tracker up to 90 days back. Helpful in legal disputes, job completion verification and much more. See real time speed, location, stops and integrated street view.
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Live Weather Radar
Stay ahead of any weather condition with live weather radar. Giving ample time to secure or reroute your assets.
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Put the power of data to work for your business. Our reports will save you time and money. Breaking down the important details quickly, while allowing you to schedule and customize reports to meet your fleets needs.
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