12 Must Have Features or Benefits to Look For When Considering Your Next GPS Tracker System

12 Must Have Features or Benefits to Look For When Considering Your Next GPS Tracker System

Are you looking to buy a GPS system for your cars or your fleet? Hold on! Let me take some of your time! Read this article before you make any GPS Tracking purchasing decision.

Tracking device have found their way into our life and they have come to stay. A GPS Tracker has helped a lot of businesses in the industries. Since we are living a digital world, we are left with no other option than to embrace the system, even for personal use. Regarding the fleet/vehicle tracking system, it worth the investment. Fuel costs, cost of insurance, dissatisfied customers, damages, theft, recurring operational cost all can be reduces to barest minimum when you have an effective tracking system in place.

This information we are about to share will inform your decision when choosing the next platform to sign up on for your GPS Tracking System. You will be clear on the type of GPS tracking system to use when you have all the information and facts we are going to disclose about a GPS tracking system.

Tip: Choose Your GPS Tracking Device Smartly!

GPS tracking systems have become immensely popular over the last 10 years. Let me give you a brief backdrop of what a GPS Tracking unit looks like, According to Wikipedia – “A GPS tracking unit is a GPS device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements, at intervals, and to determine its location, and its carrier. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location database, or Internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using GPS tracking software. Data tracking software is available for smartphones with GPS capability.” There are three types of GPS trackers, though most GPS-equipped phones can work in any of these modes depending on mobile applications installed: Data loggers, Data pushers and Data puller, am not going to dwell too much on this part. Actually, the essence of this article is to show you features and also value added service to watch out for when considering a new GPS Tracking device.

GPS tracking devices has found its way into several applications across industries. In Transportation, Logistics, Fleet management, Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Attendance management, Yard management, Mobile phone services, Marketing, Social Media, Security, Mass Surveillance. There are also tracking device for ensuring safety such as GPS school bus tracking system, vault tracking systems, dispatch tracking etc.

Although the basic function of a GPS tracking system is to be able to monitor in real-time location of a device. However, what makes a good quality GPS system is in the way data is transmitted, the type of data transmitted, how the transmitted data reaches the user and these other value added benefits we will be discussing in this article. I urge you to pay attention to these features as they serves as additional benefit over the other low quality GPS system we have out there. All of these features are readily available when you subscribe on SmoothTracker, click here to request for your SmoothTracker device now!

Tip: Never rush into buying a GPS tracking device system, ensure the product has good customer reviews.

Let’s get started! Before elucidating each item one after the other. The Tracking should at least have:

  1. Real-time tracking
  2. Trip History
  3. Over speeding monitoring and alert
  4. Mobile and Web Access
  5. Historical Reports and Dashboard summary
  6. Landmarks and Geo-Fencing
  7. Easy to use user friendly interface
  8. Voice Monitoring
  9. Quality and Real Time Mapping
  10. Free Installation
  11. Flexible Pricing Model
  12. Customer Service/Continuous Technical Support
  1. Real Time Tracking: Most GPS Tracking devices are enabled with real-time monitoring, some tracking system will only provide a passive tracking system – you don’t need a passive tracking system. Location of the vehicles or item is tracked on the map as it moves from point to point.
    The GPS location of your vehicle is displayed on a map along with vehicle speed if the vehicle is in motion. The current state of the vehicle like moving, parked since or idle is shown using map markers.
    Multiple vehicles can be grouped and managed simultaneously using simple to use interface. Whether real time or passive tracker, it doesn’t affect the cost. It doesn’t come with additional cost opting for a real time tracking device.friendly interface smoothtracker

Tip: You should go for an active real time tracking device as against a passive tracker. A good GPS system should give you the leverage to generate report instantly.

  1. Trip History: You can track all the trips made by your vehicle graphically on the tracking platform. Information such as kilometers traveled, stoppages, idling, engine time and average speed is displayed. Over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted on the map. Some systems also come with an option to replay the entire trip. This feature brings in value for both business owners and chauffeur driven car owners.
    History reporting on smoothtracker
    History Reporting
  1. Over speeding monitoring and alert: While you are able to track and monitor your vehicle or device trip history, over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted. So you can also monitor the speed from the dashboard. A platform with such privileges will be highly welcome for businesses that want to keep in check the activities and speed of their drivers for their fleet outfit.
    overspeed alart and monitoringoverspeed alart and monitoring
    Overspeed alert and Monitoring
  1. Mobile and Web Access: In today’s connected world where any and every information is available at your fingertips, it is imperative to invest in a tracking system that is accessible on web and on smart phone. This is especially useful when the car tracking device is used by discerning parents to track school bus or chauffeur driven cars carrying children, office workers and other category of users with required access can track and monitor. The easy anytime, anywhere access with user friendly app keeps you abreast with your vehicles movement in real time no matter where you are.
    desktop-and-mobile on smoothTracker
    Mobile & Web

Tip: You should be able to access your tracking platform anytime, anywhere and easily.

  1. Landmarks & Geo Fencing: Geo-fencing (geo-fencing) is a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) to define geographical boundaries. Geo-fencing takes alert customization to the next level. You can create geographical boundaries called Geo fences on the map around a landmark for a specific device. An alert is sent out every time the vehicle enters or exits the Geo fence. Our SmoothTracker tracking platform is provides you with Geo-fencing feature that allows you as an administrator to set up triggers so when your vehicle enters (or exits) the boundaries defined by you an alert is issued. This opens up immense possibilities in different ways of using the monitoring information that can translate into increased operational efficiency, workforce optimization and elevated security and safety levels for the user. This is also a good fit for theft control, prevention and unauthorized use of the vehicle or device. With theft control, you can deactivate or stop your car engine in case of theft and other emergencies.
    geofencing smoothtracker
    Landmark & Geo-Fencing on SmoothTracker
  1. Historical Reports and Dashboard summary: For most businesses where medium to large fleet is involved, access to location and event reports provides high ROI (Return On Investment). Fleet managers can track and analyze information on their vehicles up to 90 days and make informed decisions that could positively impact their business. GPS Tracking Solution such as SmoothTracker comes with enterprise dashboard for comprehensive graphical reports. This gives you an overall view of the metrics that matter for your business performance. There are reports for total distance traveled, idling time, over speeding, live traffic on the road, stoppages and utilization. You can see the metrics for different groups of vehicles and for different time periods on the customized dashboard. Accidents, Theft prevention are other features that are available on the tracking platform, as user can leverage on the reports and live feeds on the dashboard. Users can easily detect issue of theft and damages on the devices in the case of accidents and other disasters.
  1. Easy to use user friendly interface: User friendliness is crucial for any IT invention. A simple and intuitive user interface provides powerful features like group-wise access without the need for multiple accounts, bird’s eye view of entire fleet and the ability to report historical and real-time data. A simple yet well-developed intuitive user interface allows easy access to the right information to make informed decisions. Anybody at all without any special knowledge should be able to operate and navigate around the SmoothTracker platform without any hassle.
  1. Voice monitoring: SmoothTracker tracking device comes with in-built mini microphone which enables you to monitor conversations in your vehicle just by dialing the GSM number of the tracking device, the device automatically receive your call and grant you access to hear. Quite amazing right! Let’s keep that a secret.
  1. Quality and Real Time Mapping: You shouldn’t miss out on the feature when looking for a GPS tracking system. This feature allows you to zoom all the way down to street level (providing satellite, street, terrain, birds eye). The same experience you get when you are on Google Map, you should on your new tracking platform when viewing your devices. Tracking service provider always partner with the best well-known mapping partners to deliver quality and real time mapping experience for end users.
    quality and real time mapping on smoothtracker
    Quality and Real Time Mapping
  1. Free Installation: Most tracking service provides an opt-in medium for free installation. No extra cost is required to mount your tracking device. After installing the device, setting up your web and mobile platform should be come with no extra cost. To start tracking and monitoring on the web and mobile shouldn’t be an issue. It would only require an active internet subscription and necessary access.
  1. Flexible Pricing Model: To own and track your vehicle or devices should be budget friendly. Thanks to technology and the competitive of the market. Prepaid for users who are interested in owning the device, subscription for users what many fleets and does not want to incur the cost of owning the device yet and wants to enjoy the service.
  1. Customer Service/Continuous Technical Support: Technology as you know, anything can happen at any time, system can stop working, technology can fail, server downtime, app failure and all. That is why a good GPS tracking system should pay attention to offering ongoing technical support and customer service. For a tracking system to be effective there should be standby customer service and technical support to assist users to resolve issues. Most commonly, users will require immediate support: quick answers, product information and update, solving complex issues, connection error etc.

Drawing a close

To itemize, a GPS tracking systems is suppose to be offering reduced operating cost, improved security and safety, time saving, increased productivity, ease of use, timely reporting among benefits that comes with an IT based invention and services.

Therefore, for customer’s satisfaction to be at maximum and for maximum benefit on your tracking device, all of the features we have highlighted above should be in the right mix and combination before making the next purchasing decision.

Feel free to let us know if there are other benefits to watch out for and should be in place that would make you go for that tracking device by dropping your comment(s) below.

Thank You!


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